Theo likes being a landmark, but he will never admit it.  Despite his celebrity status, Theo stays true to his hatchling roots, and always makes time for photos with his fans.

Madame Sweets

Melissa’s guilty pleasure is eating cookies for breakfast. She spent time working on a farm chasing chickens and hasn’t met a fig she doesn’t like. You’ll always find a smile on her face, especially while baking a blueberry pie.

Taker of Toast & Tea

Sera enjoys the purest of life’s joys; thoughtful smiles, bicycles, ice cream and adventures through Lake Tahoe. Her desire to be the employee who can most easily reach any shelf, no matter how tall, mixed with her dislike for instant coffee make Sera a perfect fit for Ellie’s. When you see Sera be sure to tell her something good and ask her about the time she ripped her pants on a tree branch and fell in a creek, on the same day!

Rad Moves

Maxine likes to mimic other Max, except he does so doing a sick ollie on his skateboard while recounting stories of the time he ran into Yoko Ono at a grocery store. Max can be overheard humming 90’s pop while he works.

Boss Lady

“If the prospect of living in a world where trying to respect the basic rights of those around you and valuing each other simply because we exist are such daunting, impossible tasks that only a superhero born of royalty can address them,then what sort of world are we left with? And what sort of world do you want to live in?” -Wonder Woman

Ellen lives to take care of people and finds the best way to do so is through food. Even when she’s daydreaming, her thoughts never stray from ways to solve problems and make the world a better place. All superheroes have their proverbial kryptonite: her’s is a fear of waterslides.

Dame of Dough

Caitlyn prides herself on working hard, but always manages to have a lot of fun! Her positive outlook makes her a powerhouse in the kitchen, and she can be heard cracking punny-jokes throughout the day. Vanessa Carlton’s “1000 miles” never fails to get her pumped up!

Baron Von Bacon Jam

You may never see Ben. He is hard at work in the kitchen curing bacon, searing flank, and daydreaming about mountain climbing. His ideal day would be eating sushi by the ocean.

The Methodical Closer

John is seasoned barista who generally holds down the fort in the afternoons, preferring the good vibes of the afternoon to flow with his espresso. When John isn’t at Ellie’s you might see him zipping by on his bike, if he isn’t already down in newport on the coast. John once sold everything and gave up his life in America to travel over 500 miles in Spain.


Millie has the coolest wheels in town. She enjoys sunshine, Providence summers, and loves meeting people who love ice cream sandwiches. When Millie grows up, she wants to win le Tour de France.

The Queen of Clean

Alyssa relates closely with Paul Simon, but makes a public service announcement to avoid shrimp cocktails and grizzly bears. She has been known to avoid Tom Hank movies but often finds herself wishing she was climbing mountains in South Korea.

Den Mother

A former teacher and watercolor artist, Alane is a true Rhode Islanduh. Lover of lobstuh rolls, local newscastuhs, and the wicked perfect wave, she’s the one who’ll greet you like you’re family.

Sunlight Seeker  

Mary is a midnight baker who knows how to get it done. Miss Kate has no fear of the dark hallways of Hope & main in the middle of the night and can occasionally be seen basking in the rays of sunlight early as they filter into the bakery.


Ben prides himself on having near perfect scoring on his baguettes and his wide collection of jean shorts, but don’t be fooled, Ben doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to his strong baking skills. Ben is a composed gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life, like the sunrise in the morning while piping the signature “E” on our Ellie-o’s and well fitting vests.